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Freedom Home Page of the Week

Freedom Home Page of the Week
Julian Simon's Writings page was selected as Freedom Home Page of the Week for July 13-19, 1997. It was recognized and reviewed on http://www.free-market.com/ and http://www.free-market.com/sotw/.

Julian Simon's Ultimate Resource II was Freedom Home Page of the Week in February 1998.

The following commentary is taken from Freedom Home Pages of the Week, Summer 97:

July 13-19: Writings by Julian L. Simon Available on WWW
Julian Simon is one of the greatest living champions of liberty. He's widely-known as a "doomslayer" (as he was called in a Wired magazine feature about him), and perhaps most famous for his 1980 bet with population-control Nazi Paul Ehrlich. Simon said natural resources were become cheaper, not scarcer and more expensive, even though the population was growing fast. Of course, Simon won.

Simon has debunked the doomsayers time and again. He has written widely on the economics of immigration, population, and natural resources. But he's not just a free-market economist, this man is true polymath. Simon has written a bestselling book on direct marketing, a book on overcoming depression, and developed an innovative system for learning and teaching statistics.

Does any of that whet your appetite? Well then, you're in luck. Simon also happens to be one of us: an enthusiastic user of the Internet. He has made almost a dozen of his complete books available online, and at least a hundred articles.

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