The Ultimate Resource II: People, Materials, and Environment

Julian L. Simon (see also vita, bio, and writings)
College of Business and Management, University of Maryland, College Park
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February 16, 1998

*Chapter 1
The Amazing Theory of Raw-Material Scarcity
*Chapter 2
Why Are Material-Technical Resource Forecasts So Often Wrong?
*Chapter 3
Can The Supply Of Natural Resources - Especially Energy - Really Be Infinite? Yes!
*Chapter 4
The Grand Theory
*Chapter 5
Famine 1995? Or 2025? Or 1975?
*Chapter 6
What Are The Limits on Food Production?
*Chapter 7
The Worldwide Food Situation Now: Shortage Crises, Glut Crises, And Government
*Chapter 8
Are We Losing Ground?
*Chapter 9
Two Bogeymen: "Urban Sprawl" and Soil Erosion
*Chapter 10
Water, Wood, Wetlands--And What Next?
*Chapter 11
When Will We Run Out Of Oil? Never!
*Chapter 12
Today's Energy Issues
*Chapter 13
Nuclear Power: Tomorrow's Greatest Energy Opportunity
*Chapter 14
Dying Planet? How The Media Have Scared The Public
*Chapter 15
The Peculiar Theory Of Pollution
*Chapter 16
Whither The History Of Pollution?
*Chapter 17
Pollution Today: Specific Trends And Issues
*Chapter 18
Bad Environmental And Resource Scares
*Chapter 19
Will Our Consumer Wastes Bury Us?
*Chapter 20
Should We Conserve Resources For Others' Sakes? What Kinds Of Resources Need Conservation?
*Chapter 21
Coercive Recycling, Forced Conservation, And Free-Market Alternatives
*Chapter 22
Standing Room Only? The Demographic Facts
*Chapter 23
What Will Future Population Growth Be?
*Chapter 24
Do Humans Breed Like Flies? Or Like Norwegian Rats?
*Chapter 25
Population Growth And The Stock Of Capital
*Chapter 26
Population's Effects On Technology And Productivity
*Chapter 27
Population's Effects II: Economies Of Scope And Education
*Chapter 28
Population Growth, Natural Resources, And Future Generations
*Chapter 29
Population Growth And Land
*Chapter 30
Are People An Environmental Pollution?
*Chapter 31
Are Humans Causing Species Holocaust?
*Chapter 32
A Greater Population Does Not Damage Health, Or Psychological And Social Well-Being
*Chapter 33
The Big Economic Picture: Population Growth And Living Standards In MDCs
*Chapter 34
The Big Picture II: LDCs
*Chapter 35
The Finances Of Population Control
*Chapter 36
Who Is Organized To Put Pressure On Whom?
*Chapter 37
The Rhetoric Of Population Control: Does The End Justify The Means?
*Chapter 38
The Reasoning Behind The Rhetoric
*Chapter 39
Ultimately - What Are Your Values?
*Chapter 40
The Key Values
My Critics and I
*References A-K
*References L-Z

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