Julian L. Simon

Julian Simon

1932 - 1998

University of Maryland, College Park,
College of Business and Management

Julian Simon

1932 - 1998

an appreciation

Welcome to the home page of Julian L. Simon, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Maryland, Van Munching Hall, College Park, Maryland, 20742. It introduces as many of my writings, published and unpublished, as I have yet been able to get into shape for World Wide Web.

The writings are listed in three forms:

  1. By date in my vita, broken by books, professional-technical articles, and popular articles plus book reviews plus replies and other minor writings in technical journals, with full citations of hard-copy publication of published material; citations of reprinted articles and chapters are not given because they are unnecessary here (and because I don't have nearly all of them).
  2. By research subject, including Population Economics, Statistics, Managerial economics (including advertising management), Research methods, and others. Some writings are listed more than once. Organized by date within topics.
  3. In addition to the lists of my formal writings, there is a partial catalog of some other miscellaneous materials including a list of critical (and non-critical) writings about or substantial mentions of my work.

You are welcome to download any of these writings and print them for your own use. Publishing any of these writings may infringe upon a publisher's (or my) copyright, so please write me if you should wish to do so (and in most cases I'll give, or get you, an enthusiastic approval).

I'll be grateful for any comments - even very critical. And suggestions for extension of any of this work by you or jointly will be of great interest.

You can also go to a two-page biographical summary, and a list of newspaper and magazine clippings. I hope soon to add the tables of contents of my books, and maybe some profiles. Many of my unpublished articles are listed in Writings.

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