The Hoodwinking of a Nation

Julian L. Simon (see also vita, bio, and writings)
College of Business and Management, University of Maryland, College Park
*Chapter 1
The Vanishing Farmland Scam of the Government and Media
*Chapter 2
An Open Letter to Leonard Downie About False Bad News
*Chapter 3
Global Confusion, 1980: A Hard Look at the Global 2000 Report
*Chapter 4
What Does the Public Wrongly Believe About Environment, Resources, and Population?
*Chapter 5
Personal Knowledge Versus Media-Shaped Opinions
*Chapter 6
Population Control and Knowledge Information Control: A Case of Lysenkoism
*Chapter 7
How the Comparisons People Make Affect Their Beliefs About Whether Things are Getting Better or Worse
*Chapter 8
Why Do We Hear Prophecies of Doom From Every Side?
*Chapter 9
Mundane Reasons for the Bad-News Bias
*Chapter 10
The Old-Time Journalistic Methods Don't Work Here
*Chapter 11
Why Are So Many Biologists Alarmed?
*Chapter 12
(Now Part of Chapter 11)
*Chapter 13
The Population Establishment and False Bad News: A Case Study
*Chapter 14
How Do Green Rhetoricians Operate?
*Chapter 15
Damn Lies, Statistics, and Doomsday
*Chapter 16
Why Does the Public Not Hear Environmental Sound Thinkers?
*Appendix 1
The population of news and the population of people [under construction]

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