Good Mood: The New Psychology of Overcoming Depression

Part II: Using the New Happiness Formula to Cure Depression

*Julian L. Simon (see also vita, bio,
and writings)
*Chapter 10
Introducing Self-Comparisons Cognitive Therapy
*Chapter 11
Planning and Executing a Strategy Against Your Depression
*Chapter 12
Improving Your Numerator
*Chapter 13
Sweetening Your Denominator
*Chapter 14
Change Your Dimensions
*Chapter 15
The Sound of A Numerator Clapping
*Chapter 16
Religious Conversion Can Cure Depression
*Chapter 17
Ways To Stop Feeling Helpless And Hopeless
*Chapter 18
Values Therapy: A New Systematic Approach for Tough Cases
*Chapter 19
Values Therapy and Religious Despair
*Chapter 20
Summing Up

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